Busy Thursday

This is a crazy day so far,I have 2 potential order, every one seems to be in love with my frilly scarves 🙂 and commenting on them left and right 🙂

Had someone pick up things from a failed yard sale will be posting more on Facebook maybe I can actually unclutter my house 😀

Business is picking up and I am feeling pretty good but starting to be overwhelmed about marketing and posting my pics  but I will get the hang of it soon enough I hope 😀

Well I need to get going  need to make supper early my daughter and I have a special engagement for International Day of the Girl


About Crazy Chantal

I am the mom of 3 great kids, wife to the greatest man alive. I love nature walks and camping :) I have a passion for knitting like no other. Using my self taught skills, I have knitted nerdy and non nerdy items for home and the outdoors. Using my powers for only good I the co-founded Warm Up Cornwall to help all defend against the elements.
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