New Toy

My new flower loom, I ordered from 2 weeks ago


I am in love with it. Takes a few minutes  and you can add flowers to anything  here are some examples of some I have made this week.

IMG-20130316-01166 IMG-20130316-01167 IMG-20130316-01173 IMG-20130316-01174 IMG-20130317-01179 IMG-20130317-01180 IMG-20130318-01189 IMG-20130318-01192 IMG-20130318-01193 IMG-20130318-01194 IMG-20130318-01195 IMG-20130319-01197

it fun and easy and it uses up the small scraps of yarn that you don’t want to throw out but have no idea what to do with them 🙂

Have a great weekend everyone!!!


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