Warm Up Cornwall

My latest project. Warm Up Cornwall started as a simple idea of tying a scarf around a post or poll and has exploded into a community wide initiative to help "Keep Cornwall Warm"

My latest project. Warm Up Cornwall started as a simple idea of tying a scarf around a post or poll and has exploded into a community wide initiative to help “Keep Cornwall Warm”

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About Chantal "Crazy Knitter"

Crazy Knitter's Creations. My passion for knitting started about 17 years ago. Being self taught from the internet to keep busy while being off work on maternity leave, my knitting started for my home and the kids. When the kids would only wear so many scarves and hats I started selling them at craft shows. After a car accident took aways some of my mobility, knitting became a way to stay sane and feeling useful. Improving my skills I have gone on to knitting fandom pieces for all nerds to love. Working from my home, my car, family trips, and everywhere else you can think of (I knitted at the top of the Seaway international Bridge when it was open to pedestrians for one last time July 8th 2014) Warm Up Cornwall When I noticed I knitted faster than I can sell my creations, I talk it over with the hubby and we co founded Warm Up Cornwall together. The first winter (2015) we spent driving around town tying scarves around trees until we noticed someone doing something similar but adding a hat and gloves in a ziplock bag) so then Warm Up Cornwall became a living creature of it own. We were contacted by the Red Cross to take over their School mitten program, and they gave us their inventory of yarns and finished items. We now have a little over a dozen knitters working together to keep all of Cornwall warm. We now donate hats and scarves to the schools of SD&G, we also take care of any nursing home that could be in need. All proceeds from Crazy Knitterā€™s Creations helps finance the needs of Warm Up Cornwall.
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