My weekend

Well my weekend is almost over.I had two different shows, and I had a blast.  I was busy handing out many cards and reminding everyone winter is never far away, (even tho Saturday was very humid). Today’s weather was a bit more my style with the cool (yet strong) winds and no humidity. 

Now I am going to sit back with Doctor Who and my WIP, so I can start custom orders tomorrow. 

My summer so far

Well is has been crazy busy here at the Crazy Knitter’s home with summer vacation starting and Canada day being celebrated but all is going great. It is hectic but productive at the same time and the kids have not said “I’m bored” 

Here are some pics from the last few days. Enjoy!

Well back to the needles for me, many shows coming up in August.

Will post the shows at a later date. 

Happy July!