Orders and more orders.

Well like almost every Spring orders are pouring in.

Dishcloths are very popular at this time of year, and I also received an order for two baby blankets. After the baby blankets I must fill an order of 28 chair socks for a repeat customer( I love my customers).

So back to the needles I go, my customers want to clean, keep babies warm, and not scratch their floors.

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Crazy week and weekend.

Well these last ten days have been crazy but I would not want it any other way.

Volunteer hours are just rolling in with the Optimist club, but I have been lucky to get some work done while helping the club.

I managed to finish an order of eight dishcloths and a baby blanket. So now I have another baby blanket to finish and then back to building stock for the store(online and at the Maker Shop) so more busy times for me. I will end this quick post with my highlight of the weekend, a pic with the best man around

My loving husband that I would go completely wacko without.

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TGIF!! It has been a busy week of many meetings, appointments, and a lot of knitting. Custom orders are coming along great( I have been knitting during my meetings 😉) The weekend for me is pretty much the same just more relaxed ( and a little more sleep).

Don’t forget to check out my Instagram to follow my posts involving #marchmeetthemaker

Have a great weekend!

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Work In Progress Wednesday!

Washcloths on the needles and then I am excited to start a new project. A new baby blanket that shows my personality but will still be too cute for baby.

Will post pics of the blankets once it’s started.

We are half way through the week now so hang in there the weekend is not far away!

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Sunday afternoon

Afternoon project at the shop today. If I knit fast enough I can leave it behind 😉Check out the shop here!

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